“Through the wonderful world of blogging I have acquired a  health and lifestyle coach. How lucky am I? Her name is Autumn. She contacted me with a genuine interest in helping me to succeed.

My first exercises with Autumn were simple. A breathing exercise and  a morning diary. The breathing exercise helped me to fill my lungs with good fresh air and let out the old. The morning diary clears my head of the clutter from the day before by writing down pieces of my dreams and thoughts in my head. It also allows me to embrace happy thoughts by recording ten good things that happened to me the day before.

These are perfect first stepping stools. Part of living with anxiety is that you trap so much inside. Its as if I soak up everything and bottle it in. I need to learn to release. Keep the good and release the clutter, the negativity, the toxic and the unnecessary excess. I am always carrying this weight of fear, worry, guilt, shame and/or simply nonsense.

So, I woke up this morning, wrote in my diary, did my breathing, meditated, and did some stretching/yoga positions. It is an important day today for me because I had an interview for online sales position. It is a vintage online store and I would be running their marketing and social media accounts.

I believe the interview went very well. Autumn suggested I write on a piece of paper “This job is mine. It is part of my path” and fold it up and put it in my pocket. I think this is a wonderful idea. First and foremost you have to believe. I also made sure to smile like a friend, show genuine interest and get a conversation going by focusing on my interviewer.

All and all a perfect day of integrating new experiences and techniques into my life. As I see it, no matter what, I’ve already made huge progress today. Chalk this day up to success!

Thank you Autumn!”

Krissy H., California

Side Note:  Krissy got the job!

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