Help! My food cravings are driving me crazy!


Are you suffering from weight gain, acne, low energy, depression or mood swings?  Your cravings could be the cause!!  

Here’s what happened to me when I used to have cravings:

I would have a craving.   I’d decide to “feed my craving.”   After indulging on way too much ice cream and chocolate chip cookies, my stomach would be bloated and achy.  I’d be over- stuffed and feeling sluggish.  That night I wouldn’t sleep well and the next day it will show up in my all too snug jeans.

I was so tired of living that way.  I bet you are too.  It doesn’t have to be like this.

There are many sources of cravings, from lack of water to hormones changes.  Cravings can make us overeat, binge eat and eat junk food among other things.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you are having a craving:

– Are you dissatisfied with an area of your life? For instance, your career, your relationship, your spiritual practice or your finances?  Being stressed, bored, unhappy, angry, uninspired, and a whole other range of emotions can cause emotional eating.

– Are you filling a void?  Is there an area in your life that feels incomplete or hurts?  Are you filling that space up with food?

– Do you have a yin / yang imbalance in your body?  This simply means: Did you eat too many sugary foods and not enough salt?  Did you eat too many raw foods and not enough cooked foods?  There are many kinds of yin / yang imbalances in the body that can occur.

– Are you craving a family dish because it’s part of a tradition?  Can you make a healthier version of this same dish?

I know this will get you started on deconstructing your cravings.   Check out my other blog post ” The Hidden Source of Cravings” for more information!

To your health!

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Welcome to my blog–Happy Health Coach!


Oh happy day, Oh happy day!  I’m doing my “happy dance” because I found out today that I was approved for my business license!  Now that’s a reason to celebrate!!  This exciting news brought forth the idea that today would be a great day to start my very own blog– now I have two reasons to celebrate!  (Cue the confetti and balloons!)

I am the official owner of my very own business, Pacific Northwest Health!  I founded Pacific Northwest Health to provide one-on-one coaching to adults and children with digestive and /or immune system issues who want to improve or eliminate their symptoms through diet and lifestyle changes.

This is not only my passion but also my purpose– having years of personal experience with my own health issues and every kind of doctor you can imagine.  I am happy to say that I am much healthier and happier now than I have been in a decade–due to the dietary theories, alternative healing methods and mind-body medicine I learned through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Now I can’t wait to share my extensive knowledge with others!

Check me out at and stay tuned for the adventures of the Happy Health Coach–(me!)