Roasted campfire veggies, Starfishes, and the biggest Sitka Spruce Tree on Earth

Greetings from the Great Pacific Northwest!  I’m finally back from our amazing camping trip on the Washington Coast and in the Olympic National Forest.  It was fabulous (amazing photos coming later—stay tuned!).

There were so many new adventures!  We visited Rialto Beach (surfers, fog, driftwood, and amazing rocks) and Lake Quinault (quiet, amazing sunsets, picnics).  We saw two world famous trees (the largest Sitka Spruce tree in the world and the 3rd largest red cedar tree) and hugged them.   (They hugged us back too!)  My mom was lucky enough to kiss a starfish and a sea anemone by falling in a tide pool on her birthday —the caption should have read, “Beach 4—it’s a Splash!”

We also visited Ruby Beach (my favorite and most picture perfect spot) and Kalaloch Beach (amazing sand, waves, and a 3 minute walk from my tent)!  La Push and Forks were on the list too (no vampires attacked luckily).  Oh, and I made delicious campfire veggies (I’m still craving them!)

We packed up in the rain and all my clothes smelled like a campfire by the time we got home–but what a great trip!  It was just what I needed!

Why I fell in Love with Washington State

ImageIt’s time to get away.  Time to find some peace, some serenity, and reconnect with my spiritual being.  My heads been so caught up in school and other life events this summer that I feel my connection to my higher being and the spiritual side of myself is lagging behind.  I miss it.

So in the morning I’m off to two of my favorite places ever… the Washington Coast and the Olympic National Forest.  It was there, last year that I fell in love with Washington State.  We camped up on a bluff overlooking the sea and underneath these magnificent trees.   We hiked in the humid Hoh Rain Forest and walked down the sand at Ruby Beach when the tide was out.  We studied the stars at night while the waves crashed on the shore.  There was something magical about that trip…something magical about that place.