3 Things You Should Give Up So You Can Become Happier!

girl smile

What’s holding you back from being happier than you could be?  What would it be like to not feel sad?  How would your life change?

Here are some things that you can give up, so you have more room for happiness in your life!

1.  Give up Fear

Fear is only a mirage, an illusion.  It doesn’t exist anywhere but in the realm of your mind where you created it.  How many of us have not acted upon things because we were afraid of the word, “No?”  When you get comfortable with the word No, you get comfortable asking for anything you want in life.

What about fear of the unknown?  All you simply ever will know is what this very second holds.  Things are ever-changing and there is no way we can freeze time.  Find a way to get comfortable with change and it will set you free.  Daily Gratitude journals are a great way to start.

Just remember, the only fear you have it the fear you’ve created.  I say, “Feel the Fear…and Do it Anyway!”

2. Give Up your Self-Sabotaging Talk

There are so many things we beat ourselves up about–some we can change and some we can’t.  What you believe to be true of yourself, will be true…until you stop believing it will be.  Ask yourself, “How am I serving myself by believing this quality, characteristic, or idea about myself?”  I doubt your self-sabotaging talk is working for you in your life, and it’s time to take a real step towards getting rid of it.  You are beautiful, smart, confident, and can do anything you set your mind to.  Now it’s time to go out there and live your best life!

3.  Give Up the Past

Are you still telling yourself the same old story?   If you dreaded the past, thank heavens it’s the present.  It’s time to move forward.  The present moment is all we will ever have.

If you’re longing for you past, it’s ok.  Life is a journey, not a destination.  The past was part of the happiness of your journey and now you it’s time to move forward towards your bright and cheerful future.

I hope you are feeling happy today!   You deserve it.  To your health and happiness!

Autumn (check me out at pacificnorthwesthealth.com)