Five Ways to Live to Be 100


“No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us, and new beauty waiting to be born.” -Dale E. Turner

Want to live to be 100?  I do!  Here are some tips to get you there:

1. Eat at least one egg per day.  Eggs are full of protein and they don’t increase cholesterol.  Plus they are cheap to buy!  Add a boiled egg to your daily salad for make an omelette in the morning for breakfast.

2. Check your heart rate daily.  A healthy heart rate is a rate of 60 beats per minute or less.

3. Eat Beets!  They are one of the world’s healthiest foods.  Beets cleanse the body, are a natural energy booster, fight depression, lower blood pressure, and are high in many vitamins and minerals.

4. Give yourself a massage!  Self massage increase circulation and reduce stress.  Now that will make you feel good!

5.  Participate in stress-reducing activities such as yoga, mediation, Pilates and walking.

I hope you’ll still be reading my blog when you’re 100, because I’ll still be writing about health, happiness and living better lives!

To your health!

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The Fastest Way to Beat Anxiety (from a past anxiety sufferer)


I used to suffer from anxiety severely.  It was so debilitating I could barely leave my house to go to the grocery store.  My whole world seemed to be caving in on me.  I internalized everything.  I kept thinking that people would take one look at me and know I was unstable, know I was sick, know I was a second away from bursting into tears…  I thought everyone was the enemy.

Through the grace of a meditation and mindfulness class as well as my schooling through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition I found peace.  I used to think meditation was a bunch of baloney!   The only reason I even signed up for a Meditation class was because I was desperate– but my meditation teacher told me that if I practiced it on a regular basis things in my life would change.  So I stuck to it.  Low and behold about five weeks into it I saw the light.  I’ve been a changed person ever since.

Furthermore, I learned a great anxiety technique from one of my teachers at the institute, Dr. Andrew Weil.  He traveled the world for decades and found that this was the most successful healing method overall.

It’s a 4, 7, 8 breathing technique.  Here are the steps:

1.  Blow out all of the air from your lungs.

2.  Breathe in as much air as you can for 4 seconds.

3.  Hold your breath for 7 seconds

4.  Exhale for 8 seconds

5.  Repeat the 4-7-8 cycle four times in a row, at least twice daily.

I know this will help you lessen your anxiety, as it helped me.

If you are suffering from anxiety, go to my website, and fill out the “free consultation” link in order to sign up for a consultation with me.  We can discuss how I can further help you with your anxiety so you don’t have to suffer any longer.  I counsel patients all over the world.

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Want to listen to the most relaxing song ever recorded?

meditation   The song is called “Weightless” and is by Marconi Union.  Check it out!

On October 16th 2011, Marconi Union created an eight minute track, ‘Weightless’ in collaboration with the British Academy of Sound Therapy. In a scientific study commisioned by the Radox, it was labelled as the “most relaxing song ever”. According to scientists at the renowned Mindlab institution it induced a 65 per cent reduction in overall anxiety and brought test subjects resting pulse rates to a level 35 per cent lower than their usual resting rates. The song features guitar, piano and manipulated field recordings. It is punctuated throughout by low tones that supposedly induce a trance-like state. This propelled the band into the media spotlight and news reports, and was reported in newspapers worldwide.

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