I’ve become a doTERRA essential oil addict!

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Essential oils are so amazing!  Wait, let me say it again.  ESSENTIAL OILS ARE AMAZING!!

I had no clue that I was walking into a Gold mine last year by joining the doTERRA Essential Oil Company.

Essential oils are a fantastic, natural way to treat or lessen the effects of all sorts of health issues; from emotional to mental to physical issues. They not only treat the side effects, they tackle the root of the problem too! My friend Hope and I are having a virtual class on facebook next Monday at 5pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern and you should attend!

I promise you will learn some amazing things about how you can boost your health, immune system and mood.  Hope to see you in the class!

Here is the link:

TO your great health (and mine too)-

Health Coach Autumn

Are you getting the most you can out of seeing your doctor?


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to the doctor… but let’s just say I’m somewhat of an expert now.  After years of seeing docs on a weekly basis, I’ve learned how to pin point the ones that are there to help me and the others who really aren’t. 

Doctors visits aren’t cheap, even with insurance.  Appointment space is limited and visits are short.  This is why I want to make sure you, as well as everyone else, are getting the most out of your doctor’s visits!  Here are some great tips on how to make your doctor’s visits as valuable as you can:

What to prepare for your appointment:

-Write down a list of symptoms you are having (If you have a health concern or problem) and how frequently you are having them

-Write down any questions you will want to ask your doctor

-Have a list of the medications and supplements you take and their doses (especially any new ones)

-Know all you can about shots (flu shots, tetanus shots, and other shots).  Some shots need to be updated every so often and your doctor will ask you on the spot If you want a particular shot.  They may even administer them that day.  Know what they are and the side effects before you say yes.

Here are a couple questions you should be asking yourself after your appointment:

-Do you trust your Doctor?

-Did you have adequate time to explain your concerns?

-Did your Doctor listen to you attentively?

-Are you comfortable asking your doctor questions?

-Are  you comfortable with your doctor?

-Do you feel your doctor has your best interest in mind?

-Do you feel like you were listened to in a non-judgemental way?

-Did your Doctor give you more than one option of how to treat a particular problem?

-Did your Doctor offer any natural solutions to healing a problem or issues (through diet, exercise, herbs, or natural products)?

Our health is so important.  Our doctors should think so too.  Make sure you are seeing a health practitioner you feel is the right fit for you and wants to help you be the healthiest you can be. 

Health coaches are great advocates for their patients health and are fabulous at putting the “pieces of the puzzle together.”  They assist their patients in finding natural cures to ailments, help them in choosing the right kind of foods to eat, and counsel patients on health, relationships, career, exercise and spirituality.  They are great at referring patients to the right kind of doctor’s when a medication should be prescribed.  Health Coaches go to bat for their patients and their patient’s health.

I am so lucky to be a health coach myself.  If you would like a free consultation with me, go to my website, pacificnorthwesthealth.com and click on the connect link and then the free consultation link.

I want the best for you!  To your health!

Autumn (check me out at pacificnorthwesthealth.com)

Is Spontaneous Healing possible?


Yes!  Yes!  Yes!

What is Spontaneous Healing?

Spontaneous healing, or what I like to call self-induced healing, is an unexpected cure or improvement from a health condition, disease, cancer or health problem that appeared to be getting worse.  Spontaneous healing is sometimes also called spontaneous remission or spontaneous regression.

Studies have shown that people who have been spontaneously healed have believed or experienced one or more of the following and it has made their spontaneous healing possible:

1. The person believes that humans have the potential to be spontaneously healed.

2. The person believes in their own potential to be spontaneously healed.

3. The person had a transformative spiritual experience.

If you truly believe you will get healed and take steps toward that healing process, spontaneous healing is possible!

I hope you are not only loving others but also loving yourself today.

To your health, happiness and bright future!

Autumn (check me out at Pacificnorthwesthealth.com)

Fighting the Good Fight for Our Health

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“In life you are going to face challenges–but you are not going to be defined by those challenges.  You are going to be defined by what you choose to do when faced with them.”

“Every single one of us is fighting for good health.  The health of our bodies, our families, our communities and our environment.  It is my honor to be there with you, defining ourselves in a fight for good health.”

– Both quotes by Terry Walters, Health and Nutrition Author