Mushrooms Each Day Keep The Doctor Away

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Did you know that mushrooms are one of the best foods you can eat to boost your immune system?

Mushrooms travel through your body and activate your body’s natural defenses to fight cancer cells.  They also prevent abnormal cells from obtaining the blood they need to replicate and grow.

Mushrooms are natural angiogenesis inhibitors, meaning they not only fight cancer, they fight fat too.  What a deal!  Other great angiogenesis inhibitors include onions, garlic, soy, cinnamon, berries and tea.

Want to fight breast cancer?  Eat mushrooms!  Eating just 10 grams of mushrooms each day reduces your breast cancer risk by 64%. Add green veggies and green tea to that number and you’ll reduce your risk of breast cancer by 89%!  WOW!

Have you ever tried a chanterelle or a shiitake? 

How about a white stuffing or a reishi?    Mix It up!  

Happy mushroom eating to you!  And me!

To your health!

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Onions are Cancer Fighters


Everyone has heard the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”…  And now to that I now add “and an onion a day keeps the cancer away!”

Studies show that high consumers of onions are much less likely to get cancer.  Onion consumers are 56% less likely to get colon cancer, 71% less likely to get prostate cancer, 73% less likely to get ovarian cancer, 50% less likely to get stomach cancer and 88% less likely to get esophageal cancer.  (Based on eating 1/2 cup a day or more)   And to that I say, “Bring me an onion!”

So what are the most powerful onions out there?  Shallots, Northern Red onions, New York Bold onions, and Western Yellow onions top the list. The least powerful include Empire Sweet onions, Western White onions, Imperial Valley sweet onions, Puverian sweet onions and Vidalia onions.

Other fabulous natural cancer fighting foods include green veggies, mushrooms, beans, berries and seeds.  All of these foods are Angiogenesis inhibitors;  which means that they inhibit blood vessels in cancer and fat cells from growing.

Isn’t this some great info to share since tomorrow is October 1st and it will officially be “Breast Cancer Awareness Month?”  Pass along this info to those you love–

To your health!

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