I’ve become a doTERRA essential oil addict!

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Essential oils are so amazing!  Wait, let me say it again.  ESSENTIAL OILS ARE AMAZING!!

I had no clue that I was walking into a Gold mine last year by joining the doTERRA Essential Oil Company.

Essential oils are a fantastic, natural way to treat or lessen the effects of all sorts of health issues; from emotional to mental to physical issues. They not only treat the side effects, they tackle the root of the problem too! My friend Hope and I are having a virtual class on facebook next Monday at 5pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern and you should attend!

I promise you will learn some amazing things about how you can boost your health, immune system and mood.  Hope to see you in the class!

Here is the link:

TO your great health (and mine too)-

Health Coach Autumn

A Few Good Reasons To Drink Wine


I’m in the mood for a little glass of merlot! Why do you ask?  Because when wine is drank in moderation it is actually good for us! A 5 ounce glass of wine daily can reduce your risk of heart disease by increasing your HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) and lowering your LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol).  Wine also has one of the earth’s most important natural phenols called resveratrol.  Phenols fight infections by bacteria and fungus, which help protect your immune system and fight off invaders. Lastly wine contains catechins which protect our artery walls.  Now that’s a good reason to drink up!

To our long and great health!


How to Stay Healthy While Traveling


by Autumn Pappas, Contributing Writer

Keeping your immune system in tip-top shape while you travel starts with being well-prepared. Here are some tips on how to stay healthy while traveling this holiday season!

Get quality sleep and enough of it, especially the night before you leave on a vacation. Know how much sleep you need to stay healthy and what you need with you to get the best sleep possible. You often cannot choose what kind of bed or mattress you will sleep on; but you can bring other things with you such as a sleep mask, favorite pillow, comfy pajamas, or a meditation tape to help you sleep more soundly. Also, if at all possible, adjust the room temperature so it is right for you.

Stay hydrated before and during your flight by drinking water. Pressurized cabins dry out our mucus membranes, which in turn makes it more difficult for us to release toxins from our bodies. Pack your own blanket and pillow to avoid getting any germs from a previous passenger. Additionally, eat a healthy meal before you fly out.

De-stress each day while away whenever possible. Take a walk, stick your toes in the sand, read a book, or listen to a meditation tape. Notice when you feel stressed while traveling and choose effective ways to relieve your stress.

Bring healthy snacks, supplements and superfoods with you. Airlines and hotels typically have unhealthy snacks, and grocery stores are often not convenient to get to. Pack nuts, fruits, or trail mix for a quick on-the-go snack. Goji Berries are the perfect superfood to take on a trip! They are light, travel well, and are loaded with nutrients and vitamins.

Lastly, stay active while away to keep your immune system strong. Use the stairs, participate in your local exercise classes, or use your hotel’s gym if possible. Many vacation destinations also have bikes for rent.

Be happy, be healthy, be well!

Health Coach Autumn (sign up for a free consultation with me at http://www.pacificnorthwesthealth.com)

Six Ways to Improve Fertility in Your 30s and 40s


Did you know it’s possible to have JUST as healthy (if not healthier) of a pregnancy in your 30s and 40s as it is in your 20s?

Christa Orecchio, founder of The Whole Journey, says that the most important aspect of the fertility process is preconception, meaning what you and your partner do 3 months before you conceive.

Christa says that the quality of the egg and the sperm begin 90 days before the conception, so your habits, lifestyle and current state of health are all very important things to consider.

Below is an excerpt from Christa’s most recent article titled, “Assessing and Improving Fertility in your 30s and 40s.” Christa outlines 6 lab tests that a woman needs to take that will give her the information she needs to build a lifestyle that supports healthy conception, takes away a lot of guesswork and headaches, and makes both the parents and mom healthy.  

The full article can be read on Christa’s website at:  http://thewholejourney.com/assessing-and-improving-fertility-in-your-30s-and-40s

Here are the 6 Lab Tests:

1 –   The MTHFR Genetic Mutation

What is that you ask??? The MTHFR mutation inhibits methylation – i.e., the body has trouble converting inactive forms of folate and B12 to the active forms, which can adversely affect neurological and cardiovascular systems as well as be responsible for (multiple) miscarriages (the babies neural tube cannot form). This can also result in high homocysteine (increased risk for heart disease), low glutathione (makes you more susceptible to stress and toxin buildup), low SAM-e (can increase depression), etc.

• Some potential symptoms for this mutation are mental dysfunction (anxiety, depression, irritability, mood swings), infertility/miscarriages, Down Syndrome, MS, Autism, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, schizophrenia, family history of heart attack or stroke, and more.

Don’t guess at it; test it. Any doctor can run this lab. Spectracell and Quest Labs run this test – they screen for both types of the mutation.

The cool thing is if you find it, you can circumvent it and have a healthy pregnancy and live a much healthier, happier life yourself.

2 –   Thyroid Testing

Optimal thyroid function is necessary for good fertility because poor thyroid function prevents ovulation. If you are not ovulating, you cannot get pregnant. Most women with underactive thyroid suffer with symptoms and have no idea their thyroid isn’t functionally optimally.

I think this is absolutely a crucial gland to test annually for every single human over age 25, but it is a non-negotiable test if you have had a miscarriage, a family history of thyroid problems, irregular menstrual cycle, or have been unsuccessful getting pregnant for 6 months or more.

Or you can do an easy, free DIY test at home to start. Do a basal temperature test to check your thyroid. To do this, you put a thermometer under your arm upon waking and lie still for 10 minutes before checking it. If it is under 97.4 consistently, you will want to give your thyroid some support since it is the regulator of the body and a healthy thyroid allows for much quicker conception. I suggest checking your temperature like this five times a day: upon waking, 20 minutes after each meal, and again before bed and chart your results for six days in a row.

3 –    Stress and Sex Hormones

These are important to test in order to figure out the best supplements to take and how to adjust your diet to use food as medicine for improved fertility. I always run these tests if someone comes to me with PCOS (polyscistic ovarian syndrome), endometriosis, fibroids, or chronic prolonged stress/adrenal fatigue.

4 –   Pathogens

A pathogen in this case is something that doesn’t belong. It can be anything from heavy metals, viruses, or bad bugs. Pathogens are at the root cause of many fertility issues (and at the root of so many hormonal issues) because exceptional health and fertility begins in the digestive system.

5 –   Food Sensitivities and Nutritional Deficiencies

Find out which foods are your medicine and which foods are draining your health.

• IgG blood tests or IgA stool testing (Cyrex Labs or Biohealth Diagnostics)
• Lab companies: Cyrex, Genova, ImmunoLabs, Alcat, and potentially Direct Labs

6 –   pH Testing

For improved blood and immune health, you’ll want to check and balance your pH. It is the single best way to improve whole body health because the body must be in a balanced state to create an optimal environment for conception.


To the health of our future generations!

Health Coach Autumn (sign up for a free consultation with me at http://www.pacificnorthwesthealth.com)




Are You Affected by Gluten?

wheat field

Gluten is a substance present in cereal grains ( especially wheat) which is responsible for the elastic texture of dough. A mixture of two proteins, it causes illness in people with celiac disease and others who are sensitive to it. Gluten sensitivity and allergies can produce a host of symptoms: Bloating, foggy head syndrome, gastrointestinal problems, memory problems, acne and breakouts, pain, dizziness, fatigue, hormone imbalances, headaches, inflammation, depression, anxiety…the list goes on.

So how do you know if you are sensitive to Gluten?

Get a blood test done.  You can also stay away from products containing gluten for at least one week to see If you body feels better.

Don’t know what to eat that is gluten-free?  Here are a list of grains that you can consume if you are going gluten-free:  



•Bean and legume flours

•Buckwheat (kasha)

•Corn (maize)

•Coconut flour

•Job’s Tears


•Montina (Indian rice grass)

•Nut & seed flours

•Potato, potato flour & potato starch

(white & sweet)


•Rice, rice bran, & wild rice


•Sorghum (milo)

•Soy (beans, flour)


•Teff * Cross-contamination is possible

To your health!

Health Coach Autumn

How to Strengthen Your Immune System While You Shower

cold shower

Use Lye-Free Soap!

Traditional Soaps are made with lye, a very alkaline substance.  Our skin must have an acidic environment in order for our natural immune defense to survive. When we use lye soap, our immune defense gets washed away and has to be rebuilt.  Furthermore, lye is somewhat toxic to our bodies.

You can use soap with lye to wash your hands, bottom, groin area and armpits but you shouldn’t cover yourself head to toe in it.  I suggest using lye-free soap for the other areas!

Lye-free soaps can be found at health food stores in the beauty section and also online!

To your amazing immune system!

Health Coach Autumn (www.pacificnorthwesthealth.com)

Is there a Cancer Cure in Tree Bark?

tree bark

Pau d’arco, from the Lapacho tree, has been studied by many people, cultures and institutions showing one similar finding: it is a bark with unbelievable health benefits. Pau d’arco comes from an evergreen tree that grows in South America. Because this tree (Tabebuia avellanedae) is now endangered, people are harvesting tree bark from similar species with intentions of either curing disease or turning profits. The greatest attribute found in this tree bark is a possible cure for cancer.

The University of Maryland Medical Center found that the bark of the Lapacho tree has anti-cancer properties, and is also anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, antifungal and antibacterial. Not much testing has been done on humans, but unconfirmed studies by researchers show that the bark stimulates immune system cells called macrophages.  The bark extract reportedly kills lung and liver cancer cells that are grown in test tubes.

The tea, which is often called Taheebo tea, is hard to mix with water but has been reported to have cured some people’s illnesses.   On the CureZone website is a testimonial that claims the tea cured lymphoma in a man who was diagnosed and told he would only live a matter of months.   In 2009, Anna Hodgekiss from Mail Online reported a woman who had been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and set out on a venture to cure the ailment by eating various tree barks.  She did not specify the bark she might have eaten over the years, but her physician says there is no trace of Crohn’s disease in her body now.  The woman reports selling the beneficial bark to a “pharmaceutical giant.”

Common uses of Pau d’arco listed by the University of Maryland Medical Center are for the treatments of candidiasis, herpes simplex virus, influenza, parasitic diseases, bacterial infection and cancer. Louise Tenney writes in the Cancer News Journal that this tree bark, often referred to as Taheebo, Ipe Roxo, Lapacho and Pau d’arco, has curative powers that have time and again relieved “thousands of people with untold suffering.”

Distributors with the Taheebo Tea Club report a client has cured a skin condition in their dog. The owner of the Taheebo Tea Club also stands by his belief that the cure for cancer is in this tree bark.  The group claims to have cured brain cancer in a client, and to have also cured cancer of the colon that was diagnosed in the owner’s father.  Although the tree that produces this famous bark is endangered, the Taheebo Tea Club claims there is no need to kill the tree just to harvest the bark. Their method strips the wood in a way that leaves the tree standing for another harvest.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) reports high levels of bark extract has the potential to be poisonous. But there was one study conducted in the 1970s by the National Cancer Institute that found no toxic effects on liver or kidney tissue.

Another risk the ACS reports comes from the products being falsely advertised as Pau d’arco when they are actually other tree barks.  Twelve sample products were tested in Canada, and the study showed that only one contained lapochol, which is an ingredient in pure Pau d’arco.

The University of Maryland Medical Center warns people that this bark in high doses can cause uncontrollable bleeding, as it is thought to be a blood thinner (others report this is a blood builder and a tonic that is used to treat anemia).  The uncommon side effects of Pau d’arco include “anemia, nausea, diarrhea, and dizziness.”  So, it is hard to tell how beneficial this herb exactly is, but people around the world want to see firsthand if the cure for cancer really is in this tree bark.

By Lindsey Alexander, This article courtesy of guardianlv.com.