The Skinny on Nut Snacking


Are you nuts over nuts like me?  The problem is; fuel filled, protein packed nuts are so good for our bodies, but only in moderation!!  Oh shucks!   Here is what I found out:

A healthy, fuel-filled snack of nuts should only be about 200 calories.  How many nuts is that anyway? 

200 calories of almonds = 29 almonds

200 calories of cashews = 22 cashews

200 calories of walnuts = 8 walnuts

200 calories of pistachios = 62 pistachios

200 calories of peanuts = 22 peanuts

200 calories of pecans = 10 pecans

200 calories of macadamia nuts = 10 macadamia nuts

At least I now know I can still have my favorite snack, if I don’t overdo it.

Happy snacking!

Health Coach Autumn


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