The Pros and Cons of Owning A Fitbit!


A few weeks ago I was gifted a Fitbit Flex by my best friend Sarah.  She had gotten one for herself and absolutely loved it, and decided that I must have one as well. (Thanks Sarah!)

Before receiving a Fitbit, I had little to no knowledge about how these bracelets work.  I just knew that they tracked a person’s steps and that was about it.  I’ve now been officially wearing my fitbit for two and a half weeks!  Here are the pros and cons of my new Fitbit:

First, to clarify:  I own the Fitbit Flex.  So these are my reviews on that style of Fitbit.  I have not used any other kind of Fitbit.


-Very comfortable and light to wear (I can even wear it in the shower!)

-Easy to charge. (Only needs to be charged once every 5 days or so and charges very quickly)

-Tracks steps, miles walked, active minutes, sleep, calories

-Really inexpensive ($100 for the Fitbit Flex)

-Tracks your progress throughout you day and lights up to show how close you are to your goal. Each light represents 20% of your goal.  (My goal is 10,000 steps so each light on my Fitbit equals 2,000 steps)

– Vibrates and flashes lights when you reach your goal.  (This is my favorite part!)

-Motivates me to keep moving and staying active. (It’s like a personal accountability partner)

-Tracks my sleep (how many times I wake up, how long and well I sleep)  Even has a silent alarm to wake me up!

-I can synch my stats, see my progress, and track my goals through the Fitbit App and become Fitbit buddies with my friends to see how they are doing and motivate them to reach their goals

-Can use GPS from your Fitbit phone app to track your walks/hikes

-App allows me to enter what I’ve eaten for the day and track my calories

-Band on Fitbit is well designed so it won’t easily fall off


– Fitbit is always a bit delayed in tracking and synching up with my app

– Fitbit isn’t exactly perfect- it tracks arm motion on your non-dominant hand.  I washed and detailed my car one day using both hands and it showed that I walked more steps than I believe I actually did.

-Fitbit is good for walkers /runners / hikers.  Not so great for people who do other activities on a constant basis like biking. swimming, etc.

-Sleep tracker could be more accurate.  You have to tell the fitbit when you are going to sleep, and that is not often possible.

-It does not track heart rate (this would be an awesome improvement to the band)

-App works on I-phone 4S and newer, I-pad 3 and newer only

All in all, I think this is a great product for what it does and the price.  It’s not perfect by any means, (what is?) but it does a pretty good job.  I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to be motivated to move more, and those whose main form of exercise is walking, hiking or jogging.

Let’s Move!

Health Coach Autumn


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