7 Ways To Avoid Cheating On Your Diet




1.     Clear out your cupboards

Don’t leave fattening food where it can tempt you. Keep treats in a ‘naughty’ cupboard or better still, don’t bring them into the house.  Keep a well-stocked fruit bowl on the table and you’ll always have a healthy snack to hand.

2.     Avoid people and places that will tempt you

Some social occasions you can’t avoid, but when you can, suggest alternative places to meet friends or go on dates – go for a walk or go bowling or ice-skating rather than eating out.

3.     Get some support

Whether you sign up for an organized group or get together with friends, research shows that people who get support from others lose more weight than those who go it alone.

4.     Hang a picture on the fridge

If you find it hard to stay out of the fridge, try pinning a photo to the outside. A positive image of how you would like to look (either of you from your slimmer days or a picture from a magazine) will help you stay motivated.

5.     Give yourself a (non-food) reward

Set yourself manageable goals and reward yourself when you reach them. Buy yourself some clothes, get your hair done, or have a candlelit bath in reward for a long walk or run.

6.     Keep a food diary

Note down the time of day and where you are as well as the food you eat for a week. That way you can see exactly where the extra calories are coming from and devise strategies to avoid those times and places that pose the greatest temptation.

7.     Plan your snacks

Keep your blood sugar level steady by eating three main meals and two small healthy snacks (preferably ones that are low on the glycemic index) throughout the day. Each morning, place snacks into baggies or lunch boxes – that way you can keep track of your portion sizes.

Source:  http://healthyliving.msn.com/weight-loss/15-ways-to-avoid-cheating-on-your-diet#1

Happy Healthy Eating!

Health Coach Autumn (sign up for a free consultation with me at http://www.pacificnorthwesthealth.com)


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