Hey Chocoholic! What’s Causing Your Cravings?

 cupcake 2

by Autumn Pappas, Board Certified Health and Lifestyle Coach

Surveys show nearly 100% of women and 70% of men get cravings; but where are these unpredictable and crazy cravings coming from? Understanding the causes of cravings may help you to get to the bottom of yours. Here are seven causes of cravings and questions to ask yourself next time a craving arises:

  • Am I under-hydrated or over-hydrated? Dehydration as well as excess hydration can manifest as hunger and lead to cravings.
  • Am I craving seasonal foods? Often our bodies crave foods that balance the elements of the season. For example, you may often crave hot and “grounding” foods like potatoes in the winter time and sweet, cold foods like ice cream in the summertime.
  • Is my diet imbalanced? Foods either contain expansive qualities or contractive qualities, and a lack of food in either of these categories can lead to cravings. For example, consuming too much sugar can cause cravings for salty foods.
  • Am I dissatisfied with an area in my life? Am I feeling bored, uninspired, unloved, unhealthy or angry? Food cravings can arise from one’s unmet emotional needs.
  • Am I lacking nutrients?Odd cravings can occur when your body is not properly nourished. Nutrient deficiency can lead to cravings for salty foods, processed foods, caffeine or alcohol.
  • Am I hormonal? Women can experience hormonal cravings due to pregnancy, menopause, menstruation or fluctuating estrogen and testosterone levels.
  • Am I self-sabotaging? Sometimes when things are going great in our lives, we subconsciously sabotage our diets with unhealthy foods. We crave food that throws us off, which ironically creates more cravings to balance ourselves. Low blood sugar can be the culprit of these kinds of cravings.

Ready to take your cravings head on? Here are a few tips: Keep healthier versions of the foods you often crave in your cupboard, fridge or freezer. Stay properly hydrated. Consume a nutrient rich diet with lots of vegetables, fruit, lean protein and healthy grains. Find alternative, healthy ways to get your emotional needs met, such as joining yoga or meeting once a week for coffee and conversation with friends. Lastly, find ways to incorporate more joy into your life.

Conquer Your Cravings!!

Health Coach Autumn (sign up for a free Health Coaching Consultation with me at http://www.pacificnorthwesthealth.com)







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