Pain, Pain Go Away: What’s Causing Your Headaches?

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by Autumn Pappas, CHHC, AADP

Whether you get them once a month or once a year, headaches can be such a pain! According to the National Headache Foundation, over 45 million Americans suffer from chronic, recurring headaches. Annemarie Colbin, Ph.D., award-winning leader in the natural health field, says that headache and pain management first peaked her curiosity after she once cured a headache within minutes by eating apple sauce. Several years of research later, Colbin devised a concept that explores six common types of headaches, their causes and remedies.  Here they are:

Expansive Headaches transpire when you’ve had too many expansive foods such as sugar, coffee, alcohol, tea, chocolate, fruit, spices or fats. To combat these types of headaches, eat salty foods like olives or nuts.

Contractive or Tension Headaches occur from working too much, getting too much sun, being too stressed out, or not getting enough food or water. You can also get these headaches from overconsumption of contractive foods like beans, nuts, meat, salt, fish, feta cheese, sea vegetables and grains. Remedy these headaches by drinking juice, eating apple sauce or drinking seltzer with lemon.

Caffeine Headaches arise when your body is craving caffeine. If you are planning on reducing or eliminating caffeine in your diet; lower your intake over the course of several days or weeks to avoid pain. It’s also important to stay hydrated while weaning yourself off caffeine.

Structural Headaches are common in those who have slipped, fallen or been in an accident. Go see a chiropractor or massage therapist if you think you may have a structural headache.

Liver Headaches can result from consuming oily food, such as potato chips, on an empty stomach. This type of headache develops three-four hours after food consumption, and can feel like similar to a migraine associated with eye strain. A great natural reliever for this kind of headache is homemade lemon tea: Squeeze the juice of ½ organic lemon into a cup. Take the juiced peel, cut it into pieces and simmer those pieces in 1 ¼ cups of water for 10 minutes on the stove. When finished, strain the lemon water into the cup of lemon juice and drink hot.

Allergic Headaches are different for everyone, since allergy symptoms vary from person to person. If you suffer from these headaches, pay attention to what you’ve consumed and stay away from common allergens such as wheat, dairy and gluten.

To your health!

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5 thoughts on “Pain, Pain Go Away: What’s Causing Your Headaches?

  1. Unfortunately it is not as easy as you portray to ‘remedy’ a tension headache! I have had mine for over 5 years and have tried nearly everything under the sun to get rid of it. Your post is helpful for differentiating types of headaches, but it would be great if you could take into account that it isn’t always as easy to eliminate pain as you might think. Thanks.

    • Hi Joanna! Thanks for your comment. I agree with you. This blog post was meant to simply show a few ways that one could deal with different types of headaches from a holistic standpoint–but by no means does one or two solutions work for everyone. Have a great day!

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