Why you should hire a nutritionist or health coach

We all need support at different times in our life. From life coaches, to health coaches, personal trainers, counselors, and nutritionists – having the right support, at the right time can change the trajectory of your life and help you meet your bigger goals that bring true fulfillment.

Eight New Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp At Any Age

playing chess

Want to boost your brain power? Here are eight new ways to keep your brain sharp at any age:

1. Skip the Diet Soda!  Soda in general is bad for our brains, but particularly diet soda due to the synthetic ingredients like aspartame.

2. Play Brain Games. Puzzles, chess, number and memory games are practice for your brain!  Do a few brain exercises regularly by playing these games in your spare time.

3. Never Stop Learning.  There is an unlimited amount of information out there in the world and there is no way we can know it all.  Teach yourself an instrument, take up a new hobby or research something you are interested in but don’t know a lot about. Having an urge to never stop learning will keep your brain extra sharp!

4. Read Often. Whether it’s a magazine, book, manual, newspaper or other reading material, go for it!  Reading not only increases your knowledge of different subjects and ideas but also gives your brain a workout.

5. Use all of Your Senses.  The more senses you use in learning about something, the more your brain will be involved in retaining the memory.

6. Consume Omega 3 Fats.  Walnuts, salmon and avocados are not only delicious; they also boost brain power!

7. Make Connections With What You Are Learning.  Try to connect the names of people you meet to others you know; this will help you remember their names for future meetings. When learning about a process of something, draw a diagram of it out on a piece of paper so you can visualize the process in your head later on.

8. Space Learning Out.  Practice a new process or study things for a test over a length of time.  It is easier to forget things we have learned quickly than those we have learned at a slower pace.

To your amazing brain!

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Five Ways to Avoid the Holiday OverIndulgence Hangover

dessert buffet

It’s way too easy to get caught up in the festivities and foods of the holiday season these days!.There you are, laughing and reminiscing near the buffet table, mindlessly munching while not paying attention to how many calories you’ve consumed, nor what you’ve even eaten.  Here are a few tips on how you can avoid the post holiday guilt trip:

1.  Eat nutrient dense foods that are low in calories.  Consume healthy but filling dishes  such as veggies with hummus, fruit, bean salads and low-calorie soups.

2. Plan your indulgences.  How many sides will you allow yourself to have with the main entrée? What desserts can you skip trying? Planning out your meal for a celebration ahead of time can help you to stay on track.

3. Bring a healthy dish or two to share.  You can’t control how what others bring and how healthy or not healthy their dishes will be–but you can control what you decide to bring.  Have a few healthy staple recipes on hand that you know how to whip up quickly so that you know no matter what, there will be something healthy for you to eat.

4. Snooze on the booze.  Instead of hitting up the liquor as soon as you get to the party, have 1-2 non-alcoholic drinks to start the event off– water is always a good choice. Then, alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks the rest of the time.  For instance, follow your glass of red wine up with a drink of carbonated water with lime.

5. Eat Breakfast.  Many of us skip breakfast the morning of Thanksgiving or other holidays because we want to save room for what we will be consuming later in the day.  This is the first step to setting yourself up for failure.  Ditching breakfast can lead to snacking on the high calorie foods later in the day such as cookies, muffins, potato salad, etc.

Have a healthy and happy Easter!

Health Coach Autumn

How Health Coaches Can Make A Healthy Impact On Thousands

In this Video, Walter Willett, MD discusses how health coaches can help others transform their lives! If you are interested in becoming a health coach or becoming a new happier, healthier you with a health coach, please contact me. I’d be more than happy to talk with you! Reach me at (360) 836-4559 or by email, AutumnPappas@outlook.com.

How to Discover Your Core Desires



“You can’t hit a target, if you don’t know what it is.” –Anthony Robbins

If you don’t know what you really want in life, you are not alone. This dilemma affects people of all ages and crosses all political, social and economic lines. As a society, we often make lists of things we want to accomplish; only to find those same things create unhappiness in our lives. This problem arises because our intentions are often not aligned with our core desired feelings.

Core desires are things you want with all of your heart. They are persistent, deep, intense and powerful longings of your core being. When you become clear about how you want to feel, you can make daily intentional choices for pleasure.

This exercise can help you discover your core desires:

  • Ask yourself, how do I want to feel in every area of my life? (health, relationships, career, spirituality, finances, social life, education, etc.) Brainstorm multiple feelings within each area and record them on paper.
  • Study your list for each area. What feelings are replicated? What words jump out at you, feel important and valuable? Narrow down your list to five overall feelings. Having trouble? Looking up the definitions of the words may help you to pinpoint your desires.
  • Now, use repetitive questioning with each of your feelings. Let’s say one of your words is “confidence.” Ask yourself, “What does confidence feel like?” Your answer, “Like winning.” Ask again, “What does confidence feel like?” Your answer, “Like being certain.” Ask again, “What does confidence feel like?” Your answer, “Like clarity.” Exactly. What you really desire is to feel clarity.
  • Write each word you’re considering on its own sticky note and stick them somewhere you’ll see them every day. After a week, you’ll know if your words feel authentic and right for you. If not, take time to re-evaluate.

Once you discover your core desires, identify three things you can do today, three this week and three this month, to help you generate those feelings. Lastly, surround yourself with people whom make you feel those ways. Unearthing your core desires will bring more fulfillment, profound joy, balance, serenity and happiness into your life!

To your desires!

Health Coach Autumn (check me out at http://www.pacificnorthwesthealth.com)