Want to cure your headaches?


Tired of having a headache all the time?  Are headaches making you lose your cool?

I used to have 3-4 headaches a week and could never figure out why.  They would last anywhere from 2-8 hours usually, but sometimes I had them from sun up to sun down.  I was so sick of having headaches!  If only I would have had this information then…

Here are some of the main causes of headaches and how you can fix them:

1.  You’ve had too much sugar.  Eat some salty food.

2.  You’ve been in too much heat, eaten too much meat, worked too much, or had too much salt.  Drink juice or eat apple sauce.

3.  You’ve stopped drinking caffeine or cut way back on your caffeine.  You may have a caffeine headache.  Make sure you ween yourself off caffeine slowly.

4. You have a structural headaches because you had an accident or fall.  See a chiropractor.

5. You are dehydrated.  Drink some water. Alkaline or reverse osmosis water hydrate the body quickly.

6.  You have a migraine headache or have eaten too much fat on an empty stomach.  Make some lemon tea:

How to Make Lemon Tea:

-Take 1/2 lemon and squeeze the juice into a cup

-Take that lemon peel and simmer it for 10 minutes in 1 and 1/4 cups of water and strain it into the cup with the juice

Now that you have solved your headaches you can get back to your wonderful and amazing life!!

To your health!

Autumn (check me out at pacificnorthwesthealth.com)


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