Is Spontaneous Healing possible?


Yes!  Yes!  Yes!

What is Spontaneous Healing?

Spontaneous healing, or what I like to call self-induced healing, is an unexpected cure or improvement from a health condition, disease, cancer or health problem that appeared to be getting worse.  Spontaneous healing is sometimes also called spontaneous remission or spontaneous regression.

Studies have shown that people who have been spontaneously healed have believed or experienced one or more of the following and it has made their spontaneous healing possible:

1. The person believes that humans have the potential to be spontaneously healed.

2. The person believes in their own potential to be spontaneously healed.

3. The person had a transformative spiritual experience.

If you truly believe you will get healed and take steps toward that healing process, spontaneous healing is possible!

I hope you are not only loving others but also loving yourself today.

To your health, happiness and bright future!

Autumn (check me out at


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