Don’t throw out your skinny jeans!– Weight loss is possible!


Are you tired of fad diets?  Are you unhappy with your weight?  Do you wish you still fit in your skinny jeans?

I used to get the same feeling like clockwork every Friday night.  There I would be, staring into my closet in a daze, my bed covered with cute shirts I had tried on that no longer fit.  I would be contemplating if I should still go out, because I simply had, NOTHING to wear.  Maybe I should just stay home, throw on my pajamas and watch old reruns of Sex in The City??

I felt defeated.  I knew the food I had eaten that week and the non-existant exercise had caught up to me.

I almost did stay home, many times.  But I had to go out– it was a necessity.  You see, I was unhappy with my job.  Staying home all weekend, not having any fun, and then going back to work Monday sounded like a death wish.  So I would squeeze into an outfit, put on some clunky cute jewelry and hope I was having a good hair night.

I didn’t have to feel this way and neither do you.

Today,  I have a job I simply love.  I never feel like I’m bulging out of my clothing anymore.  I am happy, healthy and active.

Here are some keys that helped me lose weight and get back to feeling good about myself:

– I ate healthy fats like avocados, nuts, seeds, fish and extra virgin olive oil.  These not only filled me up, but also helped protect me against heart disease, cancer, depression, and Alzheimer’s.  The body uses fat for energy, so why not make sure it’s the good fats?

-I skipped the big meals, and had three small meals with many healthy snacks in between.  This helped me control my portions and made sure I wasn’t overstuffing my stomach with too much food all at one time.  Feeding my body more frequently taught my body that it’s okay not to store food till the next meal, because the next meal would be coming sooner than later.

-I drank more H2O.  Often I thought I was hungry, when I was simply just thirsty.  Drinking more water gave me more energy; so I had less energy slumps.  This is turn meant I ate less sweets.

-I moved more….I spent less time sitting around and more time being active.  I made sure I never sat for more than an hour without getting up to move around for a few minutes.

-I became grateful for everything and anything in my life.  I started a “Gratitude and Motivational” journal and wrote in it frequently.  It helped me focus on what made me happy in life and who I wanted to be.

I hope this will start to help you fight your “battle of the bulge.”  Stay tuned to my future blog posts for more weight loss tips!

To your health!

Autumn (check me out at


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