Why do we binge eat?

I’d be the richest woman on earth if I had a nickel for every woman and man on earth I’d ever met who was unhappy with their weight.  Losing weight and toning up seem to be a high priority on everyone’s list these days– yet we live in a society where failed diets are the norm and gym memberships collect dust.  So where and what is the problem?

Answer:  Confusion and Motivation. Confusion about what food to eat, when to eat it, how much to eat, and how to get it all to taste “good” at the same time.  There’s confusion about how to work out, when to work out, how long to work out and who to work out with. And then on top of it all lies the Motivation that is in lacking both areas…

Here’s the first tidbit to get you started:

Before you binge on something think:  H.A.L.T.!  Am I Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired?  If you are hungry, eat a nutritious meal.  If you are angry, find a stress reducing activity like walking.  If you are lonely, call a friend.  If you are tired, take a cat nap!

Simple as that.  Stay tuned to my blog for more weight loss tidbits!

To your health!

Autumn @ pacificnorthwesthealth.com


5 thoughts on “Why do we binge eat?

    • Sounds great Cherin. I’m guilty of binge eating too- usually when I don’t feel good I “eat” thinking it will make me feel better! I’ve got HALT before I binge.

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